On Board Services

Come on board and let us take care of you, that is what we do best.

Whatever a moment or an event it is, Sailing has the right choices for you.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour will be special occasions to demonstrate how you do care for your guest; we will accommodate discreetly your event requirements, setting the appropriate atmosphere for you and your guests.

A trip or a charter journey with family or friends, a journey dedicated to fishing or to a safari shoot will be spent in safety and quietness, creating the opportunity for unforgettable emotions and memories.

If you want the top it up, we can also offer other services such as message on board, at sunrise or at sunset, and let our expert hands take care of you and harmonize your body and mind with the nature around you.

Sailing is at your service, every desire of yours will be our commitment to demonstrate it. Call us !

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