Daily Cruises

Daily sailing cruises are a practical, fun and accessible way to experience the pleasures of sailing all year round.

Sailing offers this kind of “tailor-made” experience for each client to transform a simple sea outing into a unique “Yachting Experience” that is suitable for everyone’s desires.
The premise of every trip is fun.

Sailing is able to organize an upbeat sporting experience for fans or relaxation for those who want, or are in need of, tranquillity.
The daily adventures take place without a particular destination and therefore the route and the possible anchorage will be decided purely at sea and according to the weather conditions.

In the warmer months this activity has a pure holiday connotation; a trip is organized, whilst also being based on weather conditions. We sail and anchor with the possibility of swimming in the sea.

It will be possible to consume a meal prepared on board according to the option selected by the customer.

In the winter months, in addition to the characteristic sail along the coasts, to replace the summer swimming stage, it is possible to devote to the fun fishing with the on-board equipment.

With the help and presence of its staff, Sailing will provide the opportunity to learn the rudiments of sailing, take the helm of the boat or, depending on the customer’s preparation and experience, try their hand at more complex maneuvers.